Mandarin duck eggs - Day 28 - A little worried


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May 18, 2009
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5 eggs, all were moving fine when I candled on Day 23. I posted on Day 25 when I put them in the hatcher, I saw NO MOVEMENT on Day 25, everyone said not to worry, there was no room to move in the egg. Technically, Day 28 started at 10:30p last night, it is now late in the afternoon, no peeping, no movement, nothing. I have not opened the hatcher for 3 days, temp 99, humidity 65-70%. Is it time to panic? I had a bad feeling when I put them in the hatcher. Should I candle them? Raw Nerves in S.C.

As i said in your other post it takes up to 30 days for them to hatch under hens and in an incubator according to temperature could take longer. I think you may have put them in the hatcher a little early. All you can do is keep them sprayed with warm water and hope.

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