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Mandarin Ducklings for sale!!!

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by TurtleFeathers, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. TurtleFeathers

    TurtleFeathers Fear the Turtle!

    Jan 9, 2009
    By the Chesapeake Bay
    PLEASE DO NOT CLICK BUY IT NOW!!!! Just PM me instead - I'd like this ad to stay up for the entire week!

    I have two separate clutches of mandarin ducklings available - the first hatched on May 25th, and the second on May 27th. All ducklings are eating, drinking, lively and cute as can be!!! All are normal colored, but males *MAY* be split to white - there is no way to tell for sure until they have ducklings of their own. Right now, they are too young to visually sex, but I can try to vent sex them - however, I don't have much experience with this method, so there are no guarantees! They are $30 each or two for $50.

    Since mandarins are a wild species (from China), they are known to be skittish, but with routine handling from a young age, they can learn to trust humans. They are not your typical barnyard duck, and in most cases cannot be free ranged - a large covered walk-in aviary or pen is preferred, otherwise, they're prone to escape. They are strong flyers and like to perch up high - and they're quite active on the ground, too, so the more room they have to move around and fly, the better. Small cages will not suit their need for space, but since mandarins are considered "puddle ducks", they don't require huge, in-ground ponds - mine do well with baby pools or large mortar tubs for swimming.

    I find that mandarins are not only beautiful, but they're small, quiet and easy keepers as long as their space requirements are met. Mine were alittle older when I got them, so they never fully imprinted on me - although they will accept food from my hand, they are a "look but don't touch" type pet. I feed them game bird starter year round, supplemented by greens, shredded veggies and insects.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post here or PM me directly. Would prefer local pick up and can possibly meet within a reasonable driving distance of Annapolis, MD - will consider shipping, too, at the buyer's expense, depending on the weather.



    Newly hatched duckling:


    Eggs in the nest box:


    Normal colored pair:


    Normal split to white drake, white hen:

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  2. Wayne Kerr

    Wayne Kerr New Egg

    I would like 2 trying for a drake here. I have a single adult female that loss her friend.


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