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    Oct 11, 2016
    I have been thinking about raising Mandarin ducks. They are so beautiful. Also wood ducks are beautiful as well. My brother has a 6 acre pond and the perfect place. Might try to make a few bucks too. Are they difficult to raise? I think the breeders I would keep in a good size pen with a run and a small pool. I know they can be messy as my sister-in-law has Indian Runners and they reproduce pretty easily. The Mandarins are beautiful. We have a pair of Hooded Messegors(?) that come by every year. So cute and small. Hawks love ducks too as we went from 14 to 3 pretty quickly this year. Any advice is appreciated. Thinking about Peking Ducks to replace the Indian Runners. Not sure Hawks could lift them up out of the water.

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    Oct 6, 2016
    Mandarins are probably the most beautiful breed of duck. We had and raised them for over 20 years. Small, quiet ducks that can hatch and raise their own offspring, if provided with proper nesting boxes and large enough enclosure. The key would be to keep them safe from predators, as critters as small as snakes and rats can squeeze thru pretty small holes. They are more difficult to artificially incubate and rear than domestic ducks.

    Wood ducks, despite being raised in captivity for many, many years seem to always retain their very flighty behavior. In my opinion, they are a bit more difficult to raise than the mandarins. Also, you will need federal permits, possibly even state permits, depending on the state you live in, to legally possess and then propagate wood ducks. We are located in Tennessee and were required to have state, as well as federal permits. Plus any birds shipped in from out of state, required an "importation" permit, as well. Lots of paperwork involved when you start dealing with native exotic waterfowl.

    Good luck & enjoy your ducks.

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