Mangamar Forest (A fantasy Rp)

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  1. Elf

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  2. Pixie

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  3. Nymph (girls only)

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  4. Brownie

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  5. Sylph (Girls only)

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  6. Sprite

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  1. Mipuppy1

    Mipuppy1 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Deep in Mangamar Forest there exist different species Fae (pixies, sprites, sylphs, nymphs, brownies, Elves,) (biggest is about 6cm) They have magic powers but it's most of the imagery sort (cause people to see things fake pain etc) they have to stay hidden because if humens find them there wings (body parts) can be grinded up and turned into a strong hallucinatory narcotic.
    This tribe has no central leadership and just flows with the carefree fae lifestyle. One day a pair of twin girls get lost in the fairie's home territory and the tribe gets split into 2 sides:

    Benefactors who want to help the little girls return to their home

    Preservation who want to stay hidden, let the children starve (or just mesmerize a bear or wolf to kill them before someone comes looking for them) and hide the bodies so that nobody knows that they were ever there at all.

    Once political debate over the children breaks down it's all sneaking and assassination attempts and basicly a war

    Pg-13 (this will probably get bloody)
    Fighting is allowed but only in the Rp when fighting give others time to react
    Respect other players
    I decide who wins a fight
    You can betray your group (PM me first)
    You can kill (be again I decide who wins a fight)
    If you are killed you are welcome to make a new character
    You can make as many characters as you want but they need to be played once a week
    No God Modding
    No Mary/Gary Sues

    Type of Fae:
    Real Age:
    Appearance Age: (they are ageless like they can be 148 and look 20 or 5 and look 5)
    Pet: (remember the biggest Fae is about 6 cm)

    Group Leader (Male) (closed) ~Silkie Chicken~
    Group Leader's wife (Female) ( 1 Open )
    Group Leaders Childern ( 1 Open ) ~Mipuppy~
    Followers (Unlimited)
    Childern (Unlimited)
    Healer ( Open 1 )

    Group Leader (Male) ( Closed ) ~Mipuppy1~
    Group Leader's wife (Female) ( 1 Open )
    Group Leaders Childern ( 1 Open ) ~Mipuppy1
    Followers (Unlimited)
    Childern (Unlimited)
    Healer ( Closed ) ~Water1997~

    Name: Jason
    Type of Fae: Elf
    Appearance: tall, dark blonde hair, gray eyes, very hot and always get hits on by girls that he ignores [​IMG]
    Real Age: 59
    Appearance Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Group: Preservation
    Rank: Group Leaders Childern
    Personally: Cold
    Crush: N/A
    Spouse: none
    History: grew up in a big tree (like a mansion for fae) with parents and siblings that had wanted notting to do with him
    Pet: None
    Other: None
    User: Mipuppy1

    Name: Collin
    Type of Fae: Pixie
    Appearance: Very pale, has white hair. He is very stylish, and dresses very proper and dapper. [​IMG]
    Real Age: 395
    Appearance Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Group: Benefactors
    Rank: Group Leader
    Personally: Comes shy at first but once you grow a great friendship with him, he will be the amazing. He is very proper and likes to teach other people how to be more proper. He gets sad sometimes but no one know why. He has a deep love for nature and would do anything for a animal.
    Crush: ( There has not been a leaders wife rank chose yet.)
    Spouse: Same for Crush
    History: All his live he was very rich, it is really untold how he is so rich and how his parents were very rich. His mother and father died in a fire in a secret forest. He acts of royalty but maybe he is hiding a deep secret, Maybe it leads to why of his sadness. Maybe his wife will find out his secret but it will be very hard for him to ever tell the secret to anyone.
    Pet: He has a minature dragon that is not very big but provides him a good ride to anywhere and helps him with almost anything. He loves her very much and the her name is Snow.
    Other: Very kind, loves nature. Very rich and if a Fae is in need he will be happy to help, but he is keeping a big secret, that sometimes makes of his sadness. Very caring to his family like his wife. he loves them very much and would always protect them. He is also very caring of his pet that he loves very much.
    User: Silkie Chicken

    Name: Maia
    Type of Fae: Earth Nymph
    Appearance: very beautiful [​IMG]
    Real Age: 42
    Appearance Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Group: Benefactors
    Rank: Group Leader's Childern
    Personally: cute, sweet, gentle, shy, naïve, fragile, small even for a Fae,
    Crush: N/A
    Spouse: none
    History: Maia's parents were/are very rich they lived in one of the finest trees in the forest and rised Maia to be a fine proper lady so they could marry her off for more riches and land
    Pet: A small white mouse named Yuki
    Other: none
    User: Mipuppy1

    Name: Brook
    Type of Fae: Freshwater nymph (Naiad)
    Appearence: Bright, green-blue eyes with long black hair like the current. Wears a long blue dress short enough to run in.
    Real age: 70
    Appearence Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Group: Benefactors
    Rank: Follower
    Personality: Very quiet and shy, doesn't want to fight and has very little on the brave side.
    Crush: none
    Spouse: none
    History: She's been in her stream since it first flowed, and remembers the time it was a river and the times when it dried and she thought she would die. She's tried to make friends, but too shy to do so.
    Pet: A blue Jay named Splash
    Other: She wants to help the Benefactors, but a little timid and working on it.
    User: iluvorpingtons

    Name: Nigria
    Type of Fae: Tree nymph (Hamadryad)
    Appearence: Has leaf-green eyes and wavy light brown hair that goes down to a foot past her shoulder. Wears a chlorophil green dress.
    Real age: 100
    Appearence Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Group: Benefactors
    Rank: Follower
    Personality: Bold and a little over confident sometimes
    Crush: none
    Spouse: none
    History: Her tree grows by Brook's stream
    Pet: none
    Other: she is Brook's sister. Her tree is a black poplar
    User: iluvorpingtons

    Name: Inari
    Type of Fae: Water Nymph
    Appearance: Medium height, blue hair and blue eyes [​IMG]
    Real age: 47
    Appearance age: 18
    Group: Preservation
    Rank: Healer
    Personally: She's typically quiet, but when she has something important to say she isn't afraid To speak up. She's also very curious but sometimes gets into dangerous situations because of her curiosity.
    Crush: N/A
    Spouse: none
    History: Inari lived in a small lake before humans built a barrier that kept water from flowing to it so she moved to a river where she lives now
    Pet: she has a small blue butterfly named Ayla
    Other: She's a healer so she doesn't fight except in self defense and she's not really good at it
    User: water1997

    Name: Pynis
    Type of Fae: elf
    Appearance: blond hair brown eyes [​IMG]
    Real Age: 200
    Appearance Age: 20
    Gender: f
    Group: benefits
    Rank: follower
    Personally: kind talkitive
    Crush: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    History: N/A
    Pet: N/A
    Other: N/A
    User: ChickenRadio

    Name: Nayix
    Type of Fae: Elf
    Appearance: tall, dark hair, brown eyes
    Real Age: 169
    Appearance Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Group: Perservation
    Rank: Leader
    Personally: Cold (like his son)
    Crush: None
    Spouse: N/A
    History: he grew up rich with an uncaring father when he grew up and had his own son he became obsessed with making the world a "better" place he ignored his son and only cared about the "Perfect" world he was/is going to build, not knowing he was making the same mistake as his father.
    Pet: nada
    Other: nope
    User: Mipuppy1
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  2. Silkie Chicken

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    Feb 22, 2012
    Mipuppy save me a group leader for Prophetics. I will have to do my form in a little bit. I so sleepy lol.
  3. Mipuppy1

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    ok thanks for joining :DD
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    umm i can not find any boy fairy pics on the internet can you help me. what should i type in.....
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  5. Mipuppy1

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    lol i'll make a form wait
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    put in 'male' with whatever you are looking up
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    i ment to say boy fairy pics lol
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    hey blue wanna join (this is my first RP so please go easy on me)
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  9. Silkie Chicken

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    Feb 22, 2012
    It sound interesting Mipuppy it is very fantasy like. I like it i think you will do very well in making RPs.
  10. Silkie Chicken

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    Feb 22, 2012
    But mipuppy one ting you have to do is make sure you use proper grammer, and i know i do not always use proper grammer but thats life. lol

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