Mangled Duck foot, birth deformity.

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    We have this Rouen Duck, Gimpy, and she has some leg issues among other things. She's small, and her wings sometimes don't keep to her side. She hops on one leg, because at birth/right after/right before some tendon or something slipped over her foot and it tightened, making her leg forever "up". We took her to a vet when she was young, but he couldn't do anything, except possibly amputating it, but we did not opt for that. Why is her foot like that, the torn webbing? Is it just wear and tear, partially because of her supporting all her weight on one foot? What can we do for her? We want to make a wheel or something for her, but I am not too sure on what to do. Thanks.



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    Something in her environment is injuring her webbing.

    If she is on bare wire, put a towel over it. If she is outdoors, there may be an insect or rodent biting her - get her out of there.

    Please post over on the Duck Forum if you have not already - there are more duck people available to help you.
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