Mangy looking chicken - lice?? PICS

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by mmktdox, May 31, 2012.

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    Hello all, I'm looking for some help with a production red. I bought two birds, ready to lay through a private sale last year. I had to add to my flock after several of the BR's I had raised from day olds were killed by a raccoon. In hindsight, I should have quarantined them, checked them over etc but I was an uneducated newbie who didn't know any better! The man I bought them from had free ranging production reds and emden geese all over his yard. They are great layers, but one of them started looking mangy over the winter. I thought perhaps she was molting but it got worse and she twitches her head all the time like something is bothering her. So I checked this forum from top to bottom, checked her feathers and realized she had lice. I could tell by the clumps of nits at the base of the feathers. Since then I have bathed her, dusted her and her four coopmates often, cleaned bedding, dusted the nesting boxes, the floor under the shavings before I put clean stuff back in etc etc. But despite my efforts, she looks worse! Under her body on her breast, around her vent and a now a spot on her neck is bald and red, irritated looking. I keep threatening to cull her but she lays an egg almost every day and she's eating and drinking, comb is nice and red, she free ranges each afternoon when I get home. She seems fine, other than the bald spots and the twitching.

    I live in Ontario Canada and we cannot buy Sevin dust anymore up here for garden use. But we can buy poultry/livestock powder which is 5% carbaryl. The same stuff in Sevin. I have also (just last weekend) bought a gallon of 1.0% permethrin for cattle. My plan was to dilute it to 0.1% (based on info on this form) and spray them all down. I did that, but the permethrin I bought was quite oily and didn't dilute well. I had to keep shaking the sprayer I was using other wise the permethrin floated to the top of the bottle and all I was spraying was water. Still, I think I gave them a fairly good drenching.

    Do you think something else is going on? I don't see any worms in their poop but I've read worms have to be pretty bad before you see any visual evidence. I'd like to deworm them all but can't find the products you all talk about on here. Darn environmental laws up here have me pretty frustrated! I've attached some pics of my sad looking hen. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    First a shot of her sad tail as she ducked behind the waterer! And 2nd is her bald neck.
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    Did you know that you have to apply the poultry dust twice? There's the first time, to kill the living lice, and the second time, to kill the babies that hatch from the eggs before they mature and start the process all over again.

    I can't remember how long you wait--10-14 days, I think.

    The lice may just be back......
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    Yes I've been dusting every ten days or so since January.
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    Too much dusting IMO. The repeated dusting is probably burning her skin or at the very least making her skin so dry and itchy that she is tearing out her own feathers because of it. Look up

    This spray should help heal the skin and regrow the feathers. =) I used it on my birds and it was great! They stopped pulling out their feathers and started acting normal again. Try it and see if it works for you.
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    Wow bloom_ss, I feel like an idiot! I can believe I've been torturing her thinking I was helping! Arrrgggh![​IMG] Oh well live and learn I guess.

    I looked quickly a the website, and I think I can get it in Quebec (the next province) but lucky for me we only live about 45 minutes from the border. I'm going to try and get this stuff on the weekend. I will let you know if it helps her. Geez I feel like such a dummy!!
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    In the meantime, a warm oatmeal bath like Aveeno might help ease her skin discomfort. Even a warm bath with epsom salts will help. Once you do the first 10 day follow up dusting, you don't need to dust anymore unless you have problems. I sprinkle Sevin and DE in my coop and roosts and in the flock's favorite dusting areas once a month and they dust themselves and I haven't had any problems with mites/lice in over 2 years.
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    What is the difference between a mite and lice....
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    Hi Dawg, any comments on overpowdering and the look of my chicken? I value your opinion, you're a parasite king!!

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