Many chickens for sale!!! trios, pairs, laying hens, POL pullets!! NC

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    Aug 2, 2010
    I need to thin out my flock now and I have a ton of good quality pure breed chickens for sale.

    Columbian wynadotte trio - 1 year old, laying. $30 for trio, will sell seperately. $12 per hen

    Cuckoo maran (clean legged) trio - 1 year old, laying (dark) $40 for trio, will sell seperately. $17 per hen

    Blue Wheaton true ameraucana rooster - 1 year old $10

    Black cochin bantam trio - pullets are POL and beautiful $20 for trio, will sell seperately. $9 per pullet

    2 RIR pullets at POL - $9 each

    1 RIR bantam hen - 1 year old, good broody - $10

    bantam cochin mix pullet, white, POL $8

    prices are somewhat negotiable depending. many more chicks that are between 5- almost pol. just too much to list!
    also MANY guineas, pearls and pearl pieds half grown, lost track of age but good size and need to thin flock! $6 each with discount depending on how many you buy. PM with any questions and for pics. Will meet within reasonable distance of 28170, NC

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