Maran crosses, maybe Legbar, LF Cochin, and a pure Birchen Maran.

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by lilmizscareall, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. lilmizscareall

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    These were all given to me by a friend, he has no barred birds except a Legbar Roo, which he SWEARS was penned. Looks like somebody got in at the right time... What do you think? Also, boy and a girl? I'm not sure of the ages, maybe 4/5 weeks.

    He also gave me these. It was a whirlwind of bird giving. He threw them in a box and I was busy with day old chicks so I never questioned it. I just told him as long as he was ok with any Roos potentially being culled, "I'd take whatever!" I didn't notice two of them had feathered legs.
    The Legbar crosses are in these photos and I think they might be a week older? I'm thinking that two of the blacks are pullets. Thoughts?
    Thanks! I always LOVE reading everyone's responses.
  2. lilmizscareall

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    Anyone want to venture a guess?!?
  3. Lady of McCamley

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    I think you have mostly pullets. The top photo, right, might be a roo.

    Marans boys mature pretty fast, and I knew roo at 2 weeks as the comb was already so much more developed. Several of the darker birds look Maran-ish.

    Not familiar with Legbars yet. And yes, somebody hopped the pen.

    Lady of McCamley
  4. Pele

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    Feb 25, 2011
    If you have mixes, then the color sexing won't necessarily work. I see at least 3 that look to be males, but honestly they just need a few weeks to be sure.
  5. lilmizscareall

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    Ok, here are some updated images of the Legbar/Maran crosses.
    I think their comb look pretty similar, but one is slightly pinker and has pink wattles.

    Sorry about the creepy blurry head!



  6. lilmizscareall

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    I just spent the last hour trying to get photos and this is all I could muster. Due to the sunlight, I couldn't really double check the quality and I lost track of who I did capture.
    After watching this group grow up, I am sure that they are just Maran crosses. I've heard that the barred feathers show up occasionally in marans like this. Anyone know more info?
    They look like Cuckoo Marans, but my friend does not have any of those! Lol!

    All four together...they stayed in about their same spots.

    Obviously a rooster!

    Some of these next ones are repeats...and I couldn't manage to grab, the smallest one, for her close up. She has a ton of speckles and seems very much a pullet.

    I simply could not get close enough, and have them all standing, together at the the same time, I know a lot of you want to look for saddle and hackles.
  7. lilmizscareall

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    Oh and the lighter barred pullet, she disappeared, no feathers left behind, nothing. :(
  8. vfem

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    You got you some legbar crosses... aka - Olive eggers with a maran in them. I can see it! ;-)
  9. donrae

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    I'm guessing the Legbar is a Crested Cream Legbar? In that case, I'd sure think the chicks would have some sign of a crest. These guys all look smooth headed.

    The only case I know of where barring is "hidden" is by dominant white. Otherwise, barring is dominant and does not hide and pop up randomly from non-barred parents.

    At a month/6 ish weeks, it's too early to look for hackle or saddle feathers. You're going by combs here, those large comb birds are roosters.
  10. lilmizscareall

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    So, just to confirm...
    These birds are about 8-10 weeks old and after looking at cuckoo photos they look identical to them. My friend swears that the legbar(non crested) had no access to the Maran pen.
    I should have confirmed in my last post that they are much older.
    So thoughts still???

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