maran egg with questions *PICS*


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
got my first cuckoo maran egg today
this is the girls first eggs im assuming, they were sold to me as under a year old.. i was expecting real dark eggs from them. i couldnt get the best picture but its definetly darker than my RIR eggs, and speckled. so im wondering, will they get darker as they go?


oh and, fertile!!
Are they hatchery birds or from a breeder line? I have 5 hatchery Marans that lay eggs anywhere from that stippled color like yours to a very dark brown. It varies from day to day. Hatchery lines tend to not lay eggs as dark whereas breeder lines lay consistently dark eggs.
No, they won't get much darker. They may get just the tiniest touch darker, but hardly much to note about. Sorry.
yes yes, but i did get her from a breeder. o well i guess, maybe the other girl will lay a darker one!
Did the breeder give you a guarantee? It's not a Marans if it doesn't lay at least a #4 egg. I think most Marans breeders would want to know if a bird from their line laid that light of an egg.
i have heard that they will lay lighter color eggs if stressed. I have some bcm and they just started to lay.
Very dark choc colored eggs
i have a rooster and 8 hens -
this is a cuckoo maran... are they supposed to be as dark as a BCM tho? can anyone send me pics of thier cuckoo maran eggs please?
anybody else want to touch on this subject? or send me pics of your cuckoo maran eggs?

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