maran? or orpington?


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Feb 5, 2011
Front Royal
I just hatched out some FBC marans. I was also hatching out some of my orpington eggs. I have a mixed-up orpingtons. They are black, buff, lavandar. Anyway, I'm looking at one of the peeps I thought was an orpington, and it has feathered feet! Ok, I've never had feathered feet on any of my orpington peeps before. Is it a Maran? It has a black body, brown head, brownish-grey underbelly, & grey legs. The legs are feather just like the maran chicks. Do you think he sent me a mixed egg? He said he only has marans? Do these pop up on occation in Maran lines?
Sounds to me like an overly coppered or mossy Marans. Often they'll hatch out with a reddish hue to them, yes. That or he gave you a different breed or mutt. Have you done a count of chicks vs egg shells?
That should tell you what he is.

ETA - Marans always has an S, even in singular use.
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It's most likely a marans. I have one growing out that I could tell at just a few days it was going to be way too coppery. That might be the case with your little one too.
They finally admitted to having one welsummer hen. He accidently left her egg in the shipment! So I now have 7 full blooded maran chicks (hopefully), 1 welsummer/maran chick, and 6 buff/black orpington chicks! It would be nice if people let you know these things up front. No, I wouldn't have bought their eggs, but you'd think as the buyer I'd have some rights.

How would anyone tell the difference between the welsummer and maran eggs? I didn't notice any of the eggs looking different.
At least I know what she is now.

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