Maran Roo that can't breathe. *video added*

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    Hi Everyone! I have a Maran Roo that acts like he can't breathe. I am wanting to say that it seems like his craw maybe his problem but I am not sure so here is what is going on with him.

    This roo is a free run. They have a coop they go in at night but can pretty much come and go as they please. He loves to run into the piggy pen and try to wolf down as much whole corn as possible. I noticed him starting to get wheezey one day after he did this a couple of weeks ago. He still eats and drinks, poops good but his coloring on him comb is getting purple, so I know his oxygen is getting low. We haven't had any freezing weather as of yet.

    I thought he was getting better but it seems to come and go. You can pick him up and his craw feels enormous. HE also has time where he acts like he is sneezing.

    HELP! Thank you everyone!

    Video here:

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    Have you checked him for gape worms? He sounds rough, poor guy! Swirl a q-tip down his throat and see if it comes out with y-shaped red threads on it. If it does then he has worms and will need to be treated. If he doesn't then I am at a loss. I fear he is going to gorge himself one too many times and end up choking to death. How can you stop that in a free-range rooster?

    Good luck with him. I hope someone else chimes in with some better advice.
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    I agree, worms seem like a tangible idea as for his strange symptom..... you might want to ask a vet.

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