Marans and Araucanas -- Living and Laying

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  1. DHuberman

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    May 23, 2010
    Anyone know how long Marans and Araucanas typically live/lay?

    I love colored eggs and am trying to figure out how many of each I need to have and at what intervals I need by acquire additional birds to maintain a supply of 24 eggs per week. I plan on keeping all my birds for as long as they live so I need to understand what my peak population is going to be.


    P.S. Does anyone know of any charts/graphs that show the egg production over time of various breeds... It would be a very handy tool for planning coop capacity!
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  2. Choco Maran

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    Jul 25, 2009
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    Okay I'm not for sure but I have heard chickens live up to 15 yrs, and can produce most of that time. However peak egg lying is up to 2 or 3 yrs. After that they drop off alittle each yr. After two or three yrs, except about one egg every two or three days from the hens.
  3. pwand

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    Sep 10, 2007
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    I have both types and mine hasn't layed well from the start. They are two years old now. I guess I would have expected the Maran to lay better, however I hardly see any eggs from her. I have had red rocks and my hens laid well until they turned 5.5yrs old and and then down to not much. I have one left, she hasn't laid in quite some time.
  4. MareeZoCool

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    I have 1 Aracauna 3yr old hen, laying 1 olive green egg every day & 1 Black Astralorp11-month old hen, normally lays 1 brown egg daily; she's just hatched out 3 chicks in April, and has been on the egg-laying vacation.[​IMG] Both roo & I are a bit frustrated!
  5. chicksnchooks

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    Apr 19, 2010
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