Marans chicks, is this what they should look like? **pic**


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Finally a hatch.....and a surprise!

I just hatched these chicks yesterday and was surprised to find such a variety of colors. Is this what they are supposed to look like, all different?

All are supposed to be Golden Cuckoo Marans, except for 3 Black Coppers (which are alike, black with black beaks) so why are they all the variation?

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Cute chicks, this post might be better under raising chicks...

The only Marans I have had are cuckoo and they look like baby barred rocks. You may want to ask the breeder about what the different colors are as chicks quite often are colored very differently from what they will look like as adults.
Who did you get them from? Do you know what kind of reputation they have as a breeder? It looks to me like there might even be a couple wyandottes mixed in there but I can't make out the combs. There may be some slight variation in a specific color of marans but you will not have chicks that vary from yellow, brown chipmunk stripes, and even black and be the same type. I would certainly contact the breeder for an explanation ASAP.

They look like marans too me. I have quite a few marans. When they were babies, that is what they looked like. Do you trust the person that you got them from?

I got them from Donna on Ebay (Bayhorsebonnie) She gave me an extra dozen, so I think
maybe some might be Wheatons, and regular Cuckoos, she sells those too. She seems to have a pretty good rep, from other posts I've read here.

Guess I'll just have to wait till they grow up and see what I've got, kinda like a box
of chocolates.

thanks for all responses!!!
I got my marans from her too. They are in the incubator. She marked my chicks with the an initial on them so I knew who were who. Do you remember if they were marked. She has a good rep with the maran breeders too so I'm sure you got a selection in there. They are cute though, I cant wait.
Yes, she had marked all of mine as well. The first three out were marked "G" for goldens and they were all 3 different from one another.

What kind did you buy and how long have they been in your bator? I can't wait for yours to hatch too. Hope you post a pic for us.

I made them a big outside pen and put them out yesterday and can't believe how FAST they can run at two days old. So cute. It's hot here in the desert already, so outside is good this time of year for them.

Anyway, equine chick I had a very good hatch, 90% and I hope you do too!
hey nu!
i can't offer any help regarding the chick colors (they are super cute though!).
however, i just wanted to say i love your avatar - i have two goldens and they are the most awesome birds!

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