Marans Eggs or Chicks (Wheatens and more breeds!)

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    We sell Wheaten Marans, Brown Leghorns, RIR Bantams, OEG Bantams and Bantam Blue Cochins at this time (eggs or chicks).

    NPIP and Hatchery Licensed Flock. MPTL tested US Pullorum-Typhoid Clean.

    We do not sell any hatching eggs older than 7 days. Picture shows eggs collected from 2/8 - 2/11/14 with contrast to the actual French Marans scale. All eggs are at least a 4, about 1/2 are 5s or better. These are as dark a wheaten Marans egg as you will find in MN. We collect multiple times a day and the chickens are housed in a building that is heated.

    Marans are a single comb dual purpose breed and ours consistently lay large to jumbo eggs that are much darker than hatchery Marans. On the French color chart, all our chicks are hatched from at least a "4", and many are "5" with an ocassional egg as dark as a "6". All breeding stock have feathered legs. Our lines are originally from Bev Davis, Dick Dickerson and April Miley, but we have been breeding for years and the line is truly ours.

    Marans Eggs $36 dozen, extras always included. Pick Up only during cold weather. We will be able to ship starting in April 2014. For Shipping, add $22.
    Custom Hatch Marans Chicks - $6/chick (no shipping)

    We are located in the center of the state of MN, approximately 2 hours NW of Minneapolis.

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