Marans laying peewee eggs?


5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
My black copper marans pullet has been laying for a month or two so far. I have only gotten very small (about 35g) light brown eggs covered in brown spots. All the other pullets of various breeds that were hatched with her are now laying mostly large eggs. Is this just because she's a fairly new layer? Is she doomed to only lay these peewee eggs or will I eventually start getting large chocolate eggs from her?
Time will tell.
If breeders don't select for egg color, that trait can be lost quickly.
I never raised marans before but I have penedesencas and welsummers.
I bought several varieties of marans eggs from someone claiming to have Wade and Davis lines of them. I was disappointed when they arrived. None were nearly as dark as my penedesenca or welsummer eggs.
As for size, sometimes it takes longer to get bigger eggs from some pullets.
Also if the pullet was hatched from smaller pullet eggs, her eggs may never get up to breed standard in size. Do you know the weight of the egg she hatched from?
I'm not sure of the exact weight. It was at least 60+ grams. The BCM eggs that I received were very large and dark brown. I had 3 eggs and just the one hatched so I don't have any other BCM from this breeder to compare her to.

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