Marans/Orpington Cross Chicks--Possible fatal cuteness levels!


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11 Years
May 24, 2008
Central Arkansas
Here are some pics of my chicks from the Orpington flock, covered by Marans roosters. I LURVE THEM.

(The one with the greenish/gray legs is Marans/EE)




OH my gooooshhh! I cannot wait for these boogerrrs!!!

Those first few look exactly like the one chick I got from another breeder Orp x Ameraucana that pretty red head and black body cept no furry legs hehe!! I ended up selling it but I get to watch it grow and I plan to keep some of these orp x marans chicks so I'm curious how much they change as they mature being two halves of a differnet cross.

Those two yellow ones at the bottm, do you think those took after the orp more than the marans or what? they look so completley different it's interesting!!! I. CANNOT. WAIT. to see mine here!!!
Mine all turned out different. One is mostly buff and white cuckoo with a grey and white tail, the rest are either spangled or EE patterned.
The two yellow ones, one has very light feathering on its legs, and the other doesn't. I got lots of chipmunk ones from the Marans/EE cross, and they all have a metallic copper stripe down the middle.

I have to admit, I'm partial to the little red-faced guys!
Buff Orpingtons. I have NO idea what they'll wind up looking like! One thing that I thought was cool is that I have two that are identical, with the red faces, is out of a Marans hen by a BO sire, and the other is out of a BO egg by a Marans sire.

And then I had the yellow ones. The pics might not show it, but their bodies have a reddish fuzz, otherwise I'd think they were purebred Orps.

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