Marans? Penedesenca? Mutt?


7 Years
What breed do you think she is? She has yellow legs, a big single comb and white earlobes. Her color reminds me of a Golden Cuckoo Marans or a Crele Penedesenca, but I don't think her comb/legs are right for those. Is she just a mutt?
I bought her from a lady whose husband had had to have surgery and was unable to care for them any longer. She knew nothing about them, only that they were chickens, lol. I can't wait to find out what color eggs this girl (who needs a name) lays! Blue?:fl:fl
Marans should also have feathered legs

I was just about to comment on that. Though the APA SOP for Marans calls for feathered legs, originally birds conforming to both French (feather-legged) and UK (clean-legged) Standards were imported to the US. Both varieties are still seen. Clean-legged birds were originally more popular here fifteen years ago. Feathered legs have gained in popularity and that is what the APA members that showed the birds pushed for when getting them accepted to the Standard. Personally I much preferred the clean legs myself.

Clean-legged Cuckoo Marans (Fugate Line).jpg
Cuckoo Marans Pair (Clean Legged).jpg

As for the bird in question, it does look Cream Legbar-esque. But I don't see a crest which usually you see in crosses.

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