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    Jul 22, 2009
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    I am thinking about getting some eggs from someone who keeps their BC and Wheaten flocks together and I was wondering what the cross of the two colors would produce, I thought I had read somewhere that the Wheaten would be dominant and give wheaten chicks, but I just checked the calculator and it gave Black Copper chicks, has anyone actually done this cross and know what I would get ?
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    I believe that they will appear to be Black Coppers, but you will get "mossiness" occuring, which is copper on the back and chest, not just the head and neck.

    Supposedly, adding wheaten into the mix is where the whole mossy thing came from... They also lay some of the darkest eggs, but don't do it if you are planning on selling pure BCM's down the road.

    I'm not on the Marans police force though. I'm sure there are other opinions. That's just what I've gathered from my Marans friends.

    good luck!
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    If they are mixing the two, you could end up with some dark eggs, but as was stated, don't plan on selling eggs or chicks.

    ... or the Marans police will come after you.... [​IMG]
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    Thank you all for your inputs, and no, there is too much politics involved in Marans so I wont be trying to keep and sell them as a pure variety, just for dark eggs, and if I did keep them they would be mixed in with other chicks that I already have that are Pure BCM Marans from Greenfires lines and Blue and Splash Marans that were from crossing Blue Coppers and Cuckoos. So anything I sell would be just for someone wanting chicks to be dark egg layers in a layer flock and be used in my own layer flock for selling eating eggs. I just love the Wheaten color and wanted to get a few wheatens as well
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    I love my Wheatan Marans - Bev Davis/Buddy Henry lines. I hope to sell some hatching later this year. I've been guilty of selling too many of the babies and not expanding my flock enough! The deep egg color I'm getting from this flock is wonderful! I love the dark colors of the eggs. They really do make a pretty egg basket! and I think are exceptionally pretty birds.

    I do have BCM lines as well - purebred of course.....

    No please keep your lines separate as stated earlier....Best wishes.Nancy

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    Jul 22, 2009
    Alapaha, Ga
    Thanks for your input as well Nancy. If I had at least a breeding trio of good Wheatens, then yes, I would probably keep them pure, but I simply dont have the room to keep the blues and Black coppers ect pure as the blues are from Blue Coppers X Cuckoos anyway. If I kept them at all, they would have to be in a layer pen for eating eggs as that is my only option with the limited space and all the other breeds I have. But I may be calling on you for a few Wheaten eggs next year if you will have some, and I would love to see some pics of your birds if you have them. Thanks

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