Marans, Rocks, Welsummers, Bantam Cochins, Bantam Wh. OEGB, Mixed For Sale (Central MN)

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    All hatched 2014 mid March - mid May. Price is per each

    Hatched March:
    Welsummers 1 Cockerel ($5), 5 pullets ($12) - very nice birds
    Barred Rocks 1 Cockerel ($5), 4 pullets ($12)
    Easter Egger Cockerels hatched 4/2014 - $3/ea Very colorful

    35+ Wheaten Marans Pullets hatched 3/2014 thru 5/2014 - $12/each. These are all hatched from very dark eggs. Some may be show quality, others are for egg color.
    Blue Bantam Cochins - Blue and mostly Black. Cockerels ($3) and Pullets ($8)
    Hybrid RIR Bantam x Wheaten Marans (look like lighter red RIR) - midsize birds. cockerels $2/ea, pullets $5

    We will offer deals on purchases over 15 birds.
    Cash or PayPal

    No Shipping.
    We are NPIP certified so unfortunately, no tours allowed due to biosecurity.
    Located in the center of the state, approximately 2 hours from the twin cities, 2 hours from Fargo, or 1 hour from Brainerd.

    Please email or call from 5-9PM weekdays or 9-9 weekends. We are outside a lot so please leave a message and we will get back to you promptly!

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