Marans rooster crows to much


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
I have BCM that crows every 2 mins non-stop from 4:15am till he falls asleep. Does anyone one else have that problem? And why does he do it?


Wanna-be Farmer
11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
is he talking to anyone else as in another rooster that may live close by that he can hear? I have been training Marty my FBCM to crow less, well really I have been working with all my roos. when he is outside and crows I scoop him up and tap his beak and say Marty HUSH! if he is mid crow I cover his mouth lol and it sounds all garbled at the end. Then I put him back down. If he crows again I put him inside the coop until he gets it out of his system (usually non stop crowing for about 5-10 minutes) then I let him back outside. I do this with my other roos too. it is tiering but after a few months of that all my roos crow a lot less. Some days they will go from 10am till dusk with maybe 5 crows each through out the day so it was worth it to me as now they are outside 80% of the day

Other than that you may just have a chatty roo.
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