Marans, Silkie, Light Brahma Banty and Muscovy Eggs

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    I have hatching eggs available from a few different breeds. 6+ for $20 including shipping.

    Silkie - Mixed colors nice but not show quality
    The pictures on this thread are from a couple of months ago, but they give you an idea.
    Marans - Beautiful birds with potential for birchen offspring. Eggs are not incredibly dark (so some would argue they're not truly marans). Eggs are a lighter terra cotta color. If you're looking for conformation and coloring of the birds and the potential for wheaten these are great eggs for you. If you just want really dark eggs they're not. Egg color could certainly be darkened by breeding these offspring to a birds from dark eggs.
    Light Brahma Banties

    And Muscovy Ducks - 4 eggs for $20

    I can easily ship 12+ marans at once. The other breeds should be kept to 6 so I can make sure the eggs are fresh. I can combine shipping as well.

    Pics available. I just don't have time to add them all right now.



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