Marans Thread - breed discussion & pictures are welcome!


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Sep 25, 2007
Folks, the previous thread was closed due to the bickering that broke out in the last few days. It will remain closed on the forum for our future reference.

This is our second chance - let's ALL work together to make sure this one doesn't end up spiraling downward.

Please remember that there is ALWAYS (did I say ALWAYS) a way to get your point across without being rude, inconsiderate, and/or arrogant. There, I've said it. We all know this breed is fairly new to the U.S. and that until the proposed standard is approved, there will be varying opinions, which is welcomed. Please just put a few seconds of thought in before you his the post button.

I want to add one last additional note - there's not a thing wrong with folks just wanting some pretty birds that lay a gorgeous egg - let's remember that, and not jump all over peeps who just want to learn about this breed & have pretty eggs in their egg baskets. Breeding for show is not for everyone, and it certainly shouldn't be pushed onto someone that's not interested in it.

Okay, post away!!!


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Thank you Wynette for beginning a new thread with that note. Folks there is no quicker way to sour someone on a breed (or any interest) than to be snooty with them about it. And it sure fills up our report box fast if you are. I totally agree that there is always a nice way to say what your thinking so please find it and review what you have typed with an objective eye before clicking post.

Many, in fact most, chicken owners here are interested in birds for reasons that have nothing to do with showing or breed standards. They are no less chicken owners than those that do. To each to enjoy their birds as they see fit. If you can't post nicely rather than have a fight on here about it go out and enjoy your birds in your own way.

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Apr 1, 2010
That was a pretty heavy thread. I guess we're calling a do-over!! I am just a backyard chicken owner that has one lovely FBCM that has not started laying yet. I beilieve she is 21 weeks now, but I didn't hatch her so I"m not excatly sure. When do they usually start laying?


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May 2, 2010
Alrighty then, back to our Marans!

Wynette, one little bitty one hatched last night! Strong little chick, but probably half the size my others were. These were all pullet eggs, so I guess therein lies the difference in size? Cute as a button, and looks like a Marans, found her? food and water in the brooder, and is cuddling with her teddy bear. Will take a pic when she settles in a little more. Poor little dear, I sure hope someone else hatches, but today is day 23 with no signs of rocking, peeping, or pipping
Will keep them going until day 25 or stink, whichever comes first..


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Dec 2, 2009
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"On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Three French Hens..." Broody blue and black copper ones at that lol !! Oh dear, I think I need to make that broody wagon thing that someone posted. It sounds like the perfect thing. Maybe I should make a couple.



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Sep 28, 2008
Wynette I hope all my chummies find the new "spot".... Pinkchick where are you??? Aalbury??? Drom.... Res... We are over here !!!!!!

Everyone can enjoy this breed and this posting site!!! I have had a blast with ya' all!!!

I just did a cull in my pen... Anyone local want to clean up on the goodies just for colorful egg baskets? Contact me via email if you want.


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Sep 25, 2007
Debbi - AWE....poor little lonely chick. Fingers crossed you get more!

For those interested in showing, here is the point system French Black Coppers will be judged on:

Symmetry 4
Weight or size 4
Condition & vigor 10
Comb 5
Beak 3
Skull & face 4
Eyes 4
Wattles 2
Earlobes 4
Neck 6
Back 12
Tail 8
Wings 8
Breast 10
Body & fluff 8
Legs & toes 8

chics in the sun - your girl should begin laying soon! Mine normally start aroudn 21-22 weeks, generally.
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Folks there is no quicker way to sour someone on a breed (or any interest) than to be snooty with them about it.

Absolutely right, April. I was turned off one of my main breeds by the nose-in-the-air crowd and have abandoned that interest, not wanting to be associated with that bunch. So, thank you, Wynette, for getting the ball rolling--maybe this time it wont be a gutter ball!​

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