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    Oct 3, 2014
    I got two cuckoo maran pullets but I really want some black copper Marans. If I'm not able to find a cuckoo maran rooster what would happen if I breed them to a black copper maran? Would some be cuckoo and some be black copper ?
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    Dec 5, 2015
    The F1 offspring would be blacks and cuckoos. The F1 males would be cuckoos (they will carry only one barring gene) and the F1 females would be blacks. The F1 black females would most likely show some gold in the hackles but not as much as a black copper. The F1 cuckoo males will most likely show some white in the hackles and back if the cuckoo hens (parents) are silver, if the cuckoo hens (parents) are gold then the F1 males will most likely show some gold in the hackles. The amount the F1 offspring show non-black can vary from a lot to very little.

    If you want black coppers, back cross an F1 black female (one that shows the most non-black) to the black copper marans rooster (parent). This cross produces BC1 (backcross #1) chicks. Hatch over 10 BC1 chicks. I would hatch 20 or more BC1 chicks. If you hatch a large number of BC1 chicks this will increase your odds of getting genetically purebred coppers.

    Statistically, one in four should have the genetics of a black copper. If you hatch 20, you should get 4 but you may get anywhere from none to over 4. If you sell the offspring you should sell them as hybrid marans egg layers. This way the buyers know what they are getting and breeders will not be upset.

    You have options what to do next. You can back cross the best BC1 black copper females to the parent male black copper or get another black copper male to cross with the best BC1 black copper females.

    Or pick the best looking black copper BC1 male and cross him with a purchased or borrowed black copper hen. If you have to, borrow some black coppers for breeding to expand you gene pool.

    You will need to buy some leg bands to but on the legs of your birds to keep track of the lineage.
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    Jun 18, 2010
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    Second the above for the genetics.

    But, why do you want the black coppers? for most folks, it's the egg color. Starting with the cuckoos are going to mean you've got a longer road to get to a nice dark egg like the good lines of black coppers. There's a world of difference between my hatchery cuckoo's eggs and my breeder BCM's eggs. If you want the nice dark eggs, you might look into hatching eggs from a breeder with good stock. Much easier to start with what you want than re-invent the wheel.

    On the other hand, if all you're looking for is black plumage, the above post will get you there easily enough.
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