Marans ?

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    Jan 15, 2010
    First why are they so high ? What is the difference between clean legged ones and feathered legged ones ?I am interested in some good birds but would like to know more about the breed are there any good breeders in Texas . I raise and show pigeons and some bantams so looking for better than pets

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    They are trying to get marans recognized by the APA, and have chosen feather legged to be the standard for show birds. What makes them so high is it is very hard to get the very dark egg laying genes to produce consistently, consistent being a relative term... lol. There is a HUGE thread about marans, like nearly 5k posts already. You could just skim through it and look at the user info on the left and see if you recognize any near you would be my best idea. Or go to the "where are you where am I" section and post yourself there, and mention you are looking for marans breeders, that should work equally well. [​IMG] From Riverside, CA

    here's a link to that thread.
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