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    Hi everybody! I am wanting to get into breeding show quality stock. I am planning on raising some other heritage breeds for show but I am wanting to have some quality layers too. Plus I would love to help preserve the maran breed, so I can get the best of both worlds.

    I am thinking that it would be fun to help the breed out and get the cool eggs at the same time. I did get a cuckoo maran cockerel this year but I haven't had any maran hens yet. I have heard they are great layers, but how have all of yours been? Also how big have your eggs been? What has your expieriences with broodyness been?

    We also have kids so how are the cocks temperament wise? Ours is great so far. But there is always one who will defy the norm.Plus he's still pretty young.

    Where can I find a standard? How aggressive are the guys to the gals? Is any body working on admitting them to APA? oh And of course any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Has any one had any health issues with them. My maran boy had a seizure at about 13/14 weeks old so I was wondering if it was something that you find with this breed.

    You might be able to tell I just am wanting to hear as many personal expieriences as I can about this breed. So I would be very grateful for as much info and expieriences (good and bad) on anything about this breed as I can.

    Thanks so much!

    (sorry for putting so many questions on one post) [​IMG]
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