March EGG TRAIN Destinations!!! Spring is coming!!!!!!


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Nov 6, 2009
If you're traveling or need something moved, please list it here. I'll do my best to keep contacts on the first page.

It's almost Spring and it's time to safely move those chicks and eggs!!!

To join the Train, please signup using the links in my signature.

Help a fellow chicken lover and meet some BYCers along the way.

If you'll be traveling or just want to help, put your destination or areas you can travel.

If you need something moved post it here and you can also contact whoever will be going your way.
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I'm going out to Dixon and Fairfield area sometime during the month. Can transport anything headed that way from like Turlock or Tracy area if someone needs me.

I also need to get some Silkie chicks to Placerville. Anyone headed towards Tahoe maybe?
Still looking for travelers this month.

I can do some transporting this month. I'll be going to Dixon and Fairfield and also to the Hayward and Berkeley areas. Fot California.

We need a lot of help in several states if some can help out.
Still looking & hoping

Not many people traveling this month. I've had some help the past few. hmmmm
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Well, I may end up shipping through the mail. This is the first time I've sold hatching eggs and was hoping to eliminate the variable of USPS handling. Oh well.

I am going from Guinda to Oroville sometime this month and will be making the trip back with an empty 2 horse trailer.

In mid April, we'll be doing the same, to Mariposa and back.

Is this just for eggs? I need transport for breeding birds back here from the Crossroads show this Fall.

Thanks, Kim, for doing this!

No problem, sorry we haven't found anyone yet. Yes we can transport birds too.

There are 3 states I believe that everything needs NPIP certification, but California is not one of them.
Hi. I have a friend that is a pilot. He is actually an RN in real life and helps take care of one of my sons who has medical needs. Anyway, I was talking to him about the egg train and he thought is was a good idea. He loves my chickens and thinks they are neat.
So...He offered up that he is flying to Georgia in May (I think) and would be willing to take on some eggs going either way. I think that people would need to drive to the airstrip to catch the ride. We live in Northern Illinois and he said he would probably take off out of DuPage Airport. I can't remember where he is landing but will ask again. I am posting this in the event anyone in Illinois or Georgia want to connect.

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