Marek’s vaccine at ValleyVet on backorder..any suggestions?

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Nov 30, 2020
So the Marek’s vaccine has been on back order at Valley vet FOREVER now. Has anyone ordered from Stromberg before? It sounds like they don’t pack their vaccine well or if you don’t get the $105 shipping they won’t guarantee it. Does anyone know any other places to buy the vaccine..affordable? I don’t mind $50 shipping but 100!?!?


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May 31, 2019
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@Eggcessive will probably be able to help here. I hope you're able to find it for a reasonable price. Did you check your local farm stores? If they don't carry it, you may be able to get some help from an employee that knows where you can find it.


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I have never bought vaccines before, but the ones you mentioned usually are the ones online to order from. The vaccine has to stay at a cool temperature, and most will not guarantee that it will remain cold unless you buy a cooler, get ice packs, and pay for overnight or 2-day shipping I believe. Even that during hot months, would be risky. used to sell the vaccine, but I see they don’t at this time.

I usually recommend getting chicks already vaccinated from hatcheries. If the Mareks virus is in your flock or environment, vaccinating will require that those chicks get it on their first day, and be kept away from any dust or dander in your flock for at least 2 weeks, or the time the vaccine provides immunity. Do you have Mareks in your flock, or is there a lot of Mareks in your area? You might check with your state poultry vet to ask about that.

Here is a link for the contact info for Kansas State your state vet:

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