Marek vaccination for 4-6 month old chickens?

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    Im concerned about 1 of my 4 month old chickens-either injured leg (2 days ago) or possibly mareks. Would it be smart to try and vaccinate the others at this point? Or is it too late? Being new to chickens, I bought day olds from a breeder and a couple older healthy hens from another breeder. I thought you could only vaccinate on Day 1 or 2....I am 5 months into this and it will kill me if I loose all my babies.

    Trying to figure out if this turns out to be Mareks, where to go from here?
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    Use the search here on BYC.. there is a Marek's thread or two I believe... a link to a Marek's information page. I believe it is too late to vaccinate... it is for baby chicks (first few days?) only, but I may be wrong about that.

    Check and watch the poop.. you might want to check the first post in this subject.. the "Have an Emergency / Disease... Read this first".. and answer the list of questions asked... so that those reading your post have more info and can better address your problem.

    Do they free range? Are there any, any other symptoms or changes in anyone else? Has there been any change in food or bedding, etc.? How old are the other, full grown, hens? How is the poop? What breed are these?

    Good luck....

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