Mareks?Advice needed today.

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    MOVED TO NJ THREAD. (sorry about the location mistake.) (Advice still welcome!)

    Hi, I'm pretty certain my 9 month old easter egger has Mareks. She can't walk at all. The other hens (naturally!) pecked her head before I found her, and since Friday she has been in my spare bedroom in a dog crate. I treated her wounds with blu-cote. At first she ate the layer pellets and scratch I offered her but she is now refusing all food. (I tried scrambled egg but she refused that as well.) She dips her beak in water but doesn't really drink. She has pooped a few times, normal looking, but messy since she can't stand up but generally seems weak and tired. Her comb was gray when I first found her but it pinked up once she was warm.

    Any suggestions? I have a (ahem!) $90 vet visit scheduled for 2pm today (exam plus euthanize).... I can't kill her myself, but she is paralyzed and can't live in my house.

    The rest of my flock of 6 is doing fine. No symptoms. They were all vaccinated at the hatchery so this seems to be just bad luck.

    Does the state here do free necropsy? I really don't want to pay $90 to have her put down but don't want her suffering either.

    I'm in Cherry Hill....

    Thanks for any advice
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    At one time Rutgers University had a poultry lab where they provided such a service - not certain if they still provide such a service or what the cost might be.

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