Marek's and Mama hen: why is this a conflict of interest?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by dldolan, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Would someone please do me a really big favor and explain why I keep seeing on BYC that either you have an incubator do the job, or, ever so quaintly, a Broody. However, I have been told on this website that if you have a natural mama do the work, you can't give Marek's vaccine. This just down't make sense to me and please let me explain why. Then if you have different information, I'd be happy to hear the medical reasons for it.

    I have a broody setting on a clutch of five eggs, due to hatch out New Year's Eve. My Broody was vaccinated for Mareks as a chick, as were all other 6 hens in her flock as well. Broody is in separate, contained mama housing, but within the larger run, and I plan to keep her there for a few weeks after the chicks hatch then let them free range as usual. BUT, I am planning to vaccinate the chicks and stick them right back under the hen. Why not? After reading the DVM piece by R. M. Fulton, D.V.M., Ph.D. (whom I have not yet been able to find cited on MSU's website as a vet there, BTW), he doesn't say anything to contradict this idea. I don't see the reason not to if: 1. she (broody) is already vaccinated, 2. all other hens are as well so chicks can't "pass it" to the adults and 3. my hens all free range so likely the chicks will get Marek's if I don't vaccinate them, as it is carried by wild birds as well, i believe. Therefore better to vaccinate and stick them back under mama, no?

    Thanks, y'all. And just the facts, ma'am. (or sir!) [​IMG] Trying to research this so we can all have the correct information!


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