Mareks chick separation


Dec 6, 2019
Hi everyone!

My flock has mareks disease (confirmed with a PCR test). I’m hoping to add vaccinated chicks to my flock. Can anyone share setups for the chick brooder room that have worked for them and how long they were in the setup? Also, any details of mortality / symptoms after introducing the chicks to the flock will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


In the Brooder
Jul 23, 2021
I unfortunately can’t be of much help as I am suffering the same thing but I stumbled across this while searching Merck’s and see you haven’t had many replies! There are a couple decent threads on here about Merck’s and some good replies. I do however know that it takes 3 weeks for the chicks to become “immune” and if you are going to do a brooder I would practice really high bio security with the chicks. I have opted to get vaccinated chicks in the spring and get a friend to brood them who doesn’t have chickens for the first 3ish weeks. Hope someone else can give you better answers!

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