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    Feb 12, 2017
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    How easy is it to transfer mareks disease from property to property. I want to go visit my sister but her flock has been affected by mareks disease. She only has 3 hens left out of her flock. If I go visit her and spend time on her property how likely is it that I can then transfer Mareks back to my property and risk my flock? If changed clothes before returning home, changed shoes, and stay away from her chickens will that be ok?
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    Hello again zagmum [I said hello on your introduction]

    The Mareks virus is primarily spread by dander [dead skin cells] from other birds. However, I believe it can be transported in cages and on car tyres, clothing and boots.

    I would definitely stay away from the chickens and also park my car away from where the chickens wander, plus take a change of clothes and only wear a pair of shoes you are happy to leave behind or use disposable shoe covers. I definitely would not bring anything home with me that had any chance of carrying dander and would be stopping at a car wash on the way home.

    Having said that, because I am paranoid about my small flock of spoiled pet bantams, I would probably not visit my sister or let her visit me, opting to Skype or meet at a coffee shop etc instead [​IMG]

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