Mareks Disease or Equine E something :O

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    Jan 29, 2010
    Hello i had a 5 month old chicken that started to go lame. the other chickens started to pick on him so i put him in his own area inside the chicken pen. i was dumb enough not to totally separate him. he has one leg going back and the other going forward [​IMG] well anyway he ended up dying. i didnt think it was spreading until like a week or too afterwards when i started to notice my cute lil frizzle starting to have trouble walking, along with another black polish. (bout the same age maybe a month older) I immediatly separated them from the flock realizing it was spreading. they are currently in a small guinea pig cage together. they are the same as the other with one leg forward and one back. the black has always had a twisted neck from about a month old. what do i do? [i also posted the mite problem but those birds have never been with my main flock.]
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    Nov 16, 2009
    will get our vet to look at the post

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