Mareks Disease!

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    I am not experinced enough to tell you, but do a search there is a ton of helpful info on already started threads addressing this.
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    I just had a huge problem with this and it does look like eye mareks. Is the chicken showing any other signs like neuro stuff?
    I would keep it separately and see what happens. there is no cure so it will probably die....but it might be something else.
    so you may want to keep it separate and warm with food and water and see what happens.
    it seemed that my outbreak effected on certain birds and that the ones who were gonna die, did.
    The ones left are supposedly immune and Im keeping turkeys now so I hope that the chicks that I had in the basement when this happened are immune...they are separate anyway.
    I am going to get vaccinated chicks in the future, but its important to keep them separate and in isolation for the first 10 days of their lives!
    The vaccine just prevents the tumors from forming on the nerves.

    I would strongly suggest that if this chicken dies you send it to your local poultry extension for necropsy. I did that with 3 birds (you can do up to 5 at uconn for $90) and I found out all sorts of things...and I also was left with
    more mystery....but I do knwo that in the one that I thought had mareks, it was mareks.
    It is so common that almost every flock has just will lose many birds if youre infected. Many people immediately cull the sick birds, but I felt like it was already around and my older birds didnt get it. It was only some very young
    silkies, showgirls and frizzles...very weak birds who are prone to mareks (supposedly , from my research)
    The one I had with an eye like that was a regular chicken and it died within 24 hours; no neuro problems but just the eye. I was putting terramycin in it. I have pics if you want to see it. Its just the same but a little more cloudy..
    It could be something else because I didnt send that one for necropsy.
    Good luck....its really up to you what you do...I let mine live till it seemed like they didnt have quality of life and then culled turkey stomped one to death, and I cant tell if he was trying to mate with it or kill it. Anything laying down he tends to try to get on.
    he just cant balance because he is huge....its quite funny unless he is stomping a poor sick chicken to death!

    oh well...its been a ver bad year for me in bird keeping!
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    Get her tested, I recommended this in your other thread. You are only guessing until you have the path report in your hand. This is a serious disease problem to have to deal with long term for your flock (mostly when you bring new young birds in). Sad as it is, you really need to get her tested. This is one of those 'the good of the many outweighs the good of the few or the one' cases. Quarantine her until you can arrange to have her sent (or take her) to your state lab.
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