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I have a small backyard flock that have been raised as chicks together. They are all about 10 weeks old now. I have a Buff Orp and a Barred Rock that I got from a local farmer, and 2 Ameraucanas and a Polish that came from a feed store. Last week one of the Ameraucanas started limping. I assumed it was an injury and separated her for recovery time. Then, she got worse and worse. My neighbor who is a long time chicken owner told me there was something else wrong with her, so I searched BYC and found Marek's Disease. Her symptoms fit to a T. She has to be culled. And now my little Polish is limping. I am so heartbroken. I'm going to have to cull her too.

My questions are, what is the likelihood I will lose my entire flock? I am so attached to these silly chickens, and this is terrible! And beyond that, if I decide to add to my flock, should I vaccinate new birds? I will most likely be getting them from local farmers or Atwoods. How do I get the vaccine? Or should I just not add anymore in? They are still in their grow out pen and the sick birds had not been in the new coop yet, thankfully.


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Hi. One of your adult purchases probably came with it. There is nothing you can do. Hopefully it won't kill all your chickens, but I worry about the young ones. I think the younger they are the more you will lose.

If you add new chickens, they have to be vaccinated as day olds, and kept away from the flock or contamination for 6-12 weeks. I usually do 10 weeks. Some do alot less. I'm just scared, I guess.

In my signature at the bottom, I have some links to more Marek's information. It might help.

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