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    Hi, I live in the UK and have a very lonely pet canada goose in my garden whose mate was sadly killed by a dog. She has hatched eggs put under her before, but the gosling swiftly started to lose control of one side of its body and shortly couldn't stand and had to be put down. The vets thought it likely to be Marek's disease but as I'm sure many of you have discovered, general vets have little knowledge of poultry and waterfowl and vaccines come in batches of 1000. A duck that hatched 10 ducklings sadly had the same problem and all died after displaying the same symptoms. I was wondering if after the exceptionally hard winter we've had, it's at all possible that the marek's virus has gone? Also, does this sound like Marek's to you? I have hatched hen chicks with no problem 5 years ago and ducklings circa the same time, all fine. Lastly, I've heard that goslings become immune to marek's after their own immune systems start to build up but could any of you tell me what age this is likely to occur at as Ideally I would like to put them under my goose for her to mother. Thanks so much, I really am at a loss! Rory
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    I am not a vet, but it is my understanding that Mereks is a chicken disease and waterfowl don't get it.

    I have no idea of what it might be but it does sound a bit like botulism. Do the ducks have any access to puddles or water that isn't fresh or that grows algae?
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