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Hi guys,
I hope this is the right spot for this post.
Anyways Last week we received our chicks from crackle they are all doing great. I Paid for them all to have the Marek's Disease Vaccination. Now I am not so sure I should have.

Was it the right thing to do. If I raise chicks from these birds should I some how get them vaccinated too? If so how do I do that?

They are getting medicated feed is their anything else I should get for them to be healthy?

Do they need any yearly shots or anything like our dogs?

Thanks for any info.
Here is a link for some info:

I get my chicks vaccinated, for Marek's, at the hatchery and have never had a problem. My question is whether I need to vaccinate some chicks who have been hatched under a broody hen. I remember reading somewhere that the chicks will pick up some immunities from the hen and the nest that they were hatched in.

Here is a recent thread
on this forum that may make you feel glad that you had them vaccinated.

I guess I will order some of the vaccinations to give to my chicks that will be hatched under a broody in a couple of weeks. Better to be safe than sorry
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