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    We have a sick hen. Shes still eating scrambled eggs and stuff. Drinks a lot. But is skinny and cant really walk. She keeps her legs apart and tries to wobble. And she tries to sit straight up for some reason. If this is mareks, is there anything I can do?
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    i cant diagnose anything, im not good at it but there are a few things you can do while your waiting. make sure shes not egg bound, has she been wormed? do a good look over on her legs and feet for sores, raised scales, swelling. a picture is always helpful. these things will help someone better to help you make a diagnoses. good luck
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    Maybe, maybe not. I'm afraid that there isn't enough information for anyone here to give you an accurate diagnosis.... Determining if a bird has Marek's requires some detective work, and comes down to guesswork at best without testing. Things to consider are flock history, age, feed, any other illness, any birds brought in, neighboring areas with chickens, and so much more. How old is she? Was she ever vaccinated? Have you brought in any new birds in the last 6-12 months? Any other illnesses or deaths in your flock? Any symptoms in other birds? Check carefully for bad feed or mold in the feed, or anything old and rotten she may have gotten into. I don't suspect Botulism as you'd probably see her go downhill much faster, but I'm not ruling it out completely.

    This could be Marek's. Or it could be something that looks like Marek's. Marek's is complicated in that it does not always present the same way.

    This FAQ might help you to start investigating... maybe it can help you make an educated guess as to what is going on with your bird:
    Give it a read and ask yourself if any of it fits. Even if it does, consider treating for other ailments, as there is no real 'cure' for Marek's.

    Regardless, if she is showing signs of paralysis or neurological problems/motor control issues, it may be a good idea to hit her with some vitamin therapy. Closely monitor weight if you can via postal or kitchen scale, and keep her in a low-stress and warm environment if possible. Offer easily digested and highly nutritious foods (scrambled egg, sugar-free yogurt in small amounts, mealworms, cooked squash, etc are all good options).

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