Margo has a sudden limp


11 Years
Jul 26, 2008
bourne lincs uk
Hey everyone...
wonder if anyone can give me some clues on this....
Margo our silver laced wydotte has all of a sudden developed a limp.. i thought she might have just strained her leg... but 3 days later the limp swaps between the left leg and the right... poo's are getting messy and she's much tamer than she's ever been.... she's let me pick her up and have a good look and there doesn't seem to be any injury of any kind.. eating and drinking normally... someone suggested 'mareks' in which case do i need to be worried as I am heavily pregnant!
if any one has any ideas i'd love to hear them... malcolm is fine and so are the ducks..
thanks everyone.. looking forward to your views


11 Years
Jun 20, 2008
Henry County Kentucky
Gee, I'm not sure about the being pregnant part.
when in doubt...don't! Ask your OB.
Is it possible she has sustained a blunt force trama to the pelvic area and the switching back and forth from one leg to the other is just a means of protecting the area that is really giving her the problem/pain?
Is she/ was she laying egss? Still laying?

As far as the poo this consistantly messy or or just occasionaly messy?
Is her comb red? dry looking?
No signs of lice/mites?
Check MArek's description at this site.

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