Marion has a growth under her foot - what is this? Help required


13 Years
Jul 9, 2009
I have a 2 year old naked neck chicken - she has a broken toe ( caused by a Guinea Fowl - ages ago ) she has now developed a bad limp and is using a wing to support herself.

Having examined her and washed the underside of her foot - she has a flesh coloured thin protrusion from the underside of her foot - it is about a half millimetre in length - I did suspect bumblefoot, she has two dark very small marks under her foot but I am unsure as to what this may be or what to do.

I would be happy to treat her for bumblefoot if this was the reason - however, I am concerned as to what the protrusion is - is this normal for bumblefoot? I have not taken any photographs, I don't want to stress her too much - I did soak the foot using the method of hot water and laying her on her side - she was quite relaxed but I am no expert and I want to help her if I can rather than put her through undue stress - can anyone here enlighten me further - I do love her and don't want to lose her - it is awful for me to see her like this.

She is eating well, pooping normally but seeing her in obvious pain is so hard to bear - any suggestions would be much appreciated!


Is it possible to post some photos? It would be more helpful.

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