Marraduna Basque Euskal Oiloa Cockerel

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    I have a cockerel that is 7 months old. Aquired out of the Greenfire line and hatched here on my farm. I am NPIP. Marraduna Basque Euskal Oiloa Cockerel that has yellow shanks. Has shown NO aggression. I'm in the process of building my flock and this fella is an extra boy that I don't need. $25. Shipping box, and USPS express to the lower 48 states only. Please be sure that your local post office accepts live birds. ***Box and Shipping cost is $45 to $60 depending on destination. I do include shavings to help absorb any fecal matter to keep the bird clean. I also include fresh diced apple and corn to help keep the bird hydrated. Payment by Paypal only unless you are picking up locally, in which case I will accept cash. Also listed locally. PM me if you are interested.
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