Marriage - How did you know he/she was the one?


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Nov 4, 2008
Wildwood, GA
Just curious.

How long have you been married or together? How did you know that he or she was the one. How long were you together before you got married?

Any advice for couples considering marriage?
This October we have been married 30 years.

She was the prettiest girl I ever saw. We dated 18 months before saying I do.

One word of advice I was given and passed it on to my son was that there will be times you will get mad at each other, but never go to sleep without saying I love you. Those words always seemed to help us.
I've been with my DH for 23 years (married 22). Its easy as for how I knew, It just felt right. The relationship was uncomplicated, thats not saying we havent had to work at things its just that we were always able to work things out together. We've also always had immense respect for each other. We dated for 4 months and we got engaged, we were married 364 days from the day we met and I wouldnt change a thing.
45 years.......easy, she told me.
13 years married in July, we where together a little over a year before we got married. I dont know how to explain it, about how I knew she was the one, but it was unmistakeable.
Ken and I talked on the phone for 4 hours, we went on one date and I never left. We have never had an argument either. I knew the first time he kissed me, we were engaged 4 months later.
I knew I would marry DH on our first date. He thought the same thing also. He had been dating this girl for 6 years, right up until our first date. He had always told her he would never get married. We were engaged within 4 months and married 8 months after that. We both just knew. Been married for 15 years. We hit some real bad times and have been separated for 2 years. I still believe we will reconcile someday. Be true to yourself. I started doubting myself and our relationship. I let my insecurities and jelousy undermine our relationship and it cost me. Talk about your feelings to each other. If something really bothers you, talk about it. Don't assume your SO knows. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
I dated a man for 6yrs. We liked each other and even got engaged. Never set a date and then I just knew it wasn't right. We are still friends. I dated a couple people the year following and then met my husband. I knew after the first date he was the one. Two weeks later I told my mom I am going to marry him. We were engaged 6mths later and have been married for 11 years now, been together 13yrs. His mom said she knew he would ask me after we had dated for 2 weeks to. I always wondered about how people say you just know when it is right. You just get this feeling of being complete and know it is right. We argue or disagree, but always get over it and don't let things linger. If you can tell your partner everything and you still love each other it is right. Good luck and don't rush. It took me 27yrs to find the right one..

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