Martha can't walk! vitamin deficiency?

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    After a hard molt in which Martha was picked on one day unmercifully, so much that her back was bleeding, I made her a chicken saddle and segregated her with a friend in a spot in the coop where she is protected but the others can still see her. She is eating great and poops look good. Her eyes are bright and there's no nasal discharge or anything like that. She looks perfect except she can't really walk. when I make her get up she hobbles a couple of steps and then sits down. She only gets up when I make her. A friend suggested maybe a vitamin D deficiency? I'm giving her Rooster Booster every day, pellets, scratch, grit, oatmeal, bread, eggs and any other thing I think might tempt her, all of which she pretty much chows down on. I'm at a loss of what it could be. does anyone have any ideas? [​IMG]
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    Did she start having trouble walking when she was picked on? If so it could be a slipped tendon.

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