Marvelous Mondays Productivity!!


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Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I am only posting here to keep myself motivated..I am here way too often..too many here is my to do list for the day:

1. Eat for me..(uh...12;13 and still not done!) -- DONE had 1/2 PB sandwich

2. Lunch for kids: (cereal it is!) DONE!!

3. Get canned black beans on shelf in basement -- DONE
4. Get all canning supplies in basement that i'm not using right now-- DONE
5. Empty dishwasher/reload _-- DONE
6: handwash the rest: -- DONE
7: wash kitchen floors---
8: Wash kitchen counters-- DONE
9: change chicks brooder -- NOT DONE; but put outside..they stink whew! NOW DONE
10: Laundry - Fold/put away 5 baskets -- DONE
11: sweep living room floor -- DONE
12: Dust living room --DONE
13: wash table off in living room -- DONE
14; Bring grammas old lamp in & clean it up---
15: Bring grammas cannign jars in set by set and dishwash them -- (5th set in washer now!)
16: Homeschool history --
17 Math HOmeschool started -- cd acting up..try again later..
18: dinner in crockpot or leftovers -- leftovers win! DONE
19: orders for business -- DONE
20: emails for business -- 1 done, several left..
21: scrub toilets -- DONE
22: change trash out - DONE
23: clean girls room: Dust Vaccuum Toys -- DONE Beds -- DONE
24: call for OSB lumber for outreach--
25: call for more volunteers- ONE done
26:clean hot spot from papers in kitchen-- DONE
27: sweep kitchen- DONE
28: feed chickens again --pigs! DONE
29: make doctor phone calls--
30: bathe girls-- DONE
31: homework for girls -- DONE
32: Bathroom; emptied out drawers on a rant lol -- DONE..
33: Call for carpet delivery -- done
34: Vaccuum living room -- DONE
35: organized the canning I've done to make room for new jars -- DONE

I knwo there is more..but at least I can come here and see my list and think WTHeck am I doing this is my taskmaster list!!

whats your productivity gonna be today???

List here so I dont feel alone!!
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Sep 14, 2008
palestine texas
Girl, please take this in the vein it was intended. I am 51 now but I was you with that list. My body is broken. I wish I had learned to say NO and slowed down when I was warned to.

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow.... for babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep.... I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

Author unknown

Your time with your children is but a blink in time...... and when they are gone, you will give anything to have just one more day.



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Jun 15, 2010
Big Bend, WI
I will list, I am such a lister! It keeps me way motivated to be able to cross things off!

*Get out and check out damage to garden that storms caused
*Feed ducks
*Clean kitchen
*Fold Laundry (3 baskets)
*Do a load of dishes & bottles
*Make dinner (Gonna make a chicken salad, so easy!)
*Run to grocery store when DH comes home
*Run to Target to re-stock on diapers

Doesn't sound like a lot but i'm potty training DS3 and have a DS who is a month old on my hip. Soo, if I manage to get his done I will really be amazed with myself. Maybe i'll be able to reward myself with some chocolate
Now THATS motivation!


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Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I understand; normally I wouldnt be so hectic; but this week it HAS to get done; no putting it off...
I have 15 or so ppl showing up at my house starting friday evening to get this outreach done..and I
my house is littered w/nastiness due to me being down n out w/migraines/headaches the last couple weeks..
so I'm dividing my days up into lists..todays list is huge; tomorrow; not as much..but I have to have it all done
by wed. night..including the garage...
because on thursday I'm packing my neighbors stuff up for the outreach and friday I have ppl coming over..and have
to oversee it all..

next week it will be MUCH calmer..this week; it just my hell week...but you are right...if I would keep going at this pace
all of the time; I'll be broken too...

I like the author unknown poem.. :) & thanks for your kind words!


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Aug 25, 2008
Are the kids helping with the trash, toilet cleaning, etc? They certainly old enough to be helping out, and it would really help you.


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Feb 13, 2011
Central IL

Lydia has picked up her room, made her bed (sorta)..she's 5...
Jeron is cleaning the bathroom...I'll tweak it at the end...


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