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    Feb 2, 2016
    My hen Mary Jane got her head caught in the fence between to rock's late this afternoon when I found her She was not moving scared me to death. I moved one of the rock's freeing her head and in second she started moving took a few steps set down a minute got back up walked under the cage and set down. Went back to the cage about two hours later and got her from under the chicken cage checked her over besides from the tip feathers on her wings being pulled out from the other the other chickens I guess from her being in distress I dont know for sure just a guess. She was fine other than that so I put her in side the cage were they roost. And she jumped on the roost were she sleeps . My question is will she be all right. I don't know how long she was there and done with out oxygen My chickens are My baby's will there be any side affecksHELP SOMEONE PLEASE
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    Sounds like she dodged a bullet for sure. How is she this morning? I would suggest watching to make sure the other birds do not pick on her if she is not feeling her normal self, and separate her until she is recovered if she is not yet up to being in the general population.
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