Marysville,WA - Newly hatched: Lavender Orpington,LF Blue Cochin,Bantam BBS & B/S Frizzle/Cochin

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Apr 21, 2015
My Coop
My Coop
We are a mother & daughter small Hobby farm, where the chicken math kept appearing enough we decided to turn it into something wonderful for everyone. We specialize in specialty breeds such as the lovely Lavender Orpington and the oh so plump LF Blue Cochin, Bantam BBS Frizzle/Cochin.
We are not NPIP registered at this time, will soon. We do our best to keep our birds happy and healthy. We do not allow the general public around our adults for bio-security. We are the only ones who enter our barn and handle the birds. All our adults have been vaccinated for Mereks but our chicks do not receive the vaccine,since we only hatch a small amount per month, we do not have the volume for the amount of birds for the vaccine itself. Chicks are hatched away and kept away from the adults. We shower and change clothes when going from one bunch to the other.
Chicks are put on Non-Medicated feed. We prefer them building their natural antibodies to elements. Our chicks are not given nor have access to Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is really hard on such young chicks, and we feel if they get it, it’s better when they are a little older to have a better chance of survival. Our hatchlings are put into tanks to keep them away from anything harmful until old enough to handle the conditions.
We hold and monitor chicks for their first 3 days of life. This is for any possible loss during this time period and to ensure that you take home a happy, healthy chick. Any chick that is not suitable, is kept to monitor further. We do not want that disappointment of loss to fall upon you in the beginning.
We hope that you can be just as happy with your new chicks as we are with them.

Below is our current list of newly hatched chicks: We do NOT ship chicks, Local to WA only.

May 2015-

Lavender Orpington

LF Blue Cochin

Hatched: 5/14-5/15/15

We do not know the background of our Lavanders. We figure they are the American version. We ordered the parents through Current Rooster is 2nd gen. Hens 1st gen.

Hatched: 5/14-5/15/15

The Blue Cochins were also ordered through These little guys are just the cutest little balls of fluff. (in picture also has our pick of orpingtons)

Bantam BBS Frizzle/Cochin

Bantam B/S Frizzle/Cochin
Hatched: 5/14-5/15/15

These little guys parents consist of a Blue Cochin Rooster, Black Frizzle and a White Splash Cochin.

Hatched: 5/13-5/14/15

These little ones belong to my Bantam B/S Frizzle/Cochin. Parents are: Blue Cochin Rooster and White Splash Frizzles. (Red chicks not for sale – sorry)
***We are keeping a couple of each of the Bantams for next year’s flock. Especially the all black chicks as we need that color.

We currently can only accept Cash, Money Order or Cashiers Check. We will have CC available in the near future.

We do charge a tiny replacement fee for carriers that we supply. Sadly tax has to also be included. Yup can't get away from that one.

Coming for 2016 flocks:

BBS British Orpington (will start a line of just Black Orpingtons to be available)
British Lavender Cuckoo

Chicks will be given to the order received. I will not over extend the number of chicks to customers. We will be conducting another bunch to hatch in June. You may also request chicks from that lot, if you would like. I will notify those in proper order on available chicks or if it would be June.

Can also email directly

[email protected]

can also find us through our Community Page on Facebook:
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