Mass confusion in the chicken world tonight

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    Finally finished the new 8'X8' coop for the flock today. 8 of the hens had been living in the old Playhouse coop since we moved them out of the brooder 2 years ago, 5 pullets are from this years chick shopping excursion at the local feed store. The new coop is connectd to the existing run that the girls have been using when they lived in the Playhouse coop. The old coop is now housing the Bantie Pullets we got this year. I knew there would be some confusion, but never imagined that it would be total chaos like it was tonight.
    The older girls and pullets had been free ranging all day, but kept checking in on the finishing up of the construstion. As dusk started to fall, the pullets wondered into the new coop and took a place on the roost. The older girls stood out in the yard at the door to the Playhouse coop complaining to be let in, with all the banties standing at the hardware cloth door staring out at them. I finally hearded them into the new coop with much resistence and complaining I might add. they all ran out the pop door while the pullets watched from the roost.
    They all ran to the now closed off access door to the run from the old Playhouse coop and paced back and forth waiting and complaining to get in. Finally 3 of the girls made there way into the coop and took a spot on the roost, the other five were still at the old door to the old coop. Finally after it got totally dark and they would not budge towards the new coop, my son went into the run and had to catch each hen and hand her to me to put in the coop. I had to close the pop door, because they kept running back out. 3 of the 5 ran into a corner and chicken piled like when they were chicks. I never imagined they would have such a hard time moving into the new coop. I hope things go smoother tomorrow. I plan to keep them confined to the coop and run for the next few days to get used to the "new home". Is this how they usually react to being moved to a new coop?
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    You might have better luck if you move the old playhouse so they dont see it. If you can't........maybe something up to screen their view of it?

    When we swapped coops, the new one had been hanging out in the garden for a long time as I was working on it (put grain in it regularly too)

    We tore down the old coop-saved one section and cut the legs short on it. Then pushed/pulled/shoved the new coop where the old one once stood. They were not pleased the first time having to go in, but once in, they had no problem finding a spot on the roost. It took a couple of days and they started putting themselves to bed like usual

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