massaging sour crop-how much pressure to use?

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    May 3, 2009
    i have a chicken with a sour crop. i picked her up this a.m. to check for bugs & ALOT of brown, stinky liquid came pouring out, along with a blade of grass. i felt her crop and it is huge and soft-full of air. i have massaged it at the bottom of it as i read-trying not to push anything up she might aspirate. i have been giving her 5ml vinegar/water mix by dripping on her beek. i'm just not sure how often/how hard to massage her crop. i had a chicken a year ago i think i massaged too hard and she died in my arms. please if you can describe how to massage a crop. thanks a bunch
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    I'm not an expert on this. It sounds like you're reading lots of good information here on BYC. Until someone smarter than me answers, i'll say that you should focus near the bottom of the crop to see if you can feel what is causing the blockage and try to gently dislodge whatever that is. Maybe a little direction in that area will help you feel how to massage a little better.

    I sure hope your girl gets better.

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