Massive eggs, runny bum and prolapse


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Apr 19, 2020
North Yorkshire
So I have an ex bat who has been laying for us on and off since we got her (and her three sisters, two are regular healthy layers, third one doesn’t lay at all , no idea why).

At first hers were normal size, brittle shells and now they are every other day giant eggs (give or take depending her day of). normally the other hens who are laying, do so in the morning between 9 and 10. However, it’s now 2pm (here) and I just watched her fussing around in the nest boxes, squatting like a penguin and I watched and she couldn’t be anymore upright if she tried, straining away to get this giant egg out :(.

Her nickname is Runny Bum, as she has always had a runny poo bum since we got her and noticed she has a bit of a prolapse. The prolapse comes and goes i am assuming her prolapse is causing her runny bum, always a bit of runny poo dropping out. She seems fine in herself and eats, drinks etc normally.

I’m going to clear her bum up tonight but what else can I do to help her prolapse and also the giant egg situation - is that just her or is there something possibly causing that ?

Any advice welcome:)

thank you 😊


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Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
Straining to get an egg out can cause prolapse, or some degree of it. The fault is the giant egg. If there are usually double yolks in these monster eggs, perhaps a round of a daily calcium supplement can reset her ovulation cycle back to one ovum per 26 hour cycle.

I like to use calcium citrate, as it's easily absorbed, but calcium gluconate will work, too. Get it where you buy your vitamins for yourself and family. Pop one whole tablet directly into her beak each day. She will have no trouble swallowing it. Do this until eggs return to normal.

Carrying for a prolapse is tedious but usually pays off. I use witch hazel astringent on a soft tissue to clean the vent, holding it against the prolapse for a minute. Then I use a dab of cortisone cream on the swollen tissue. I treat in this manner two or three times a day until the prolapse resolves.

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