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    Apr 15, 2011
    Researching bloodlines for possible future goats, and repeatedly came across a line that consistently attracted my eye. Many of the modern lines of this breed seem overdone, showy, and too delicate for someone looking for goats that are good for homesteading purposes; animals that can survive on less while giving more (quality, not quantity) for a longer period of time. This line had attractive, yet obviously functional animals that looked robust while still being streamlined. Found out that the line in question included the highest appraised individual of the breed. I also discovered that the breeder died fairly recently.

    Just glimpsing at her animals, you can plainly see her love and passion for the breed live on in every sleek hide and graceful slope. I've always felt that master breeders blend art and purpose into a stunning display, and these goats reinforced that. I am so thankful both for master breeders and those who carry on that vision, sometimes far beyond any one person's lifetime. I think there is something to be said when even someone who knows little to nothing about a breed or species can view an animal and clearly see the talent and passion that went into the bloodline.

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